Green Waste Disposal

Balboni's Landscape Supply has a green waste disposal center that accepts organic yard waste. Our facility makes getting rid of your yard waste clean and easy. We charge by the container and not by the pound so however you bring it in, make sure you fill them up! Our disposal bins are located within our main facility at 135 Camelot Drive, Camelot Industrial Park, off of Long Pond Road in Plymouth.

Green Yard Waste

What Yard Waste is Accepted?

Our facility accepts organic waste such as logs, trees, brush, stumps, branches, leaves, pine needles, shrubbery, grass clippings, flowers, and basically anything that grows. Diameter and length of tree does not matter.

What Yard Waste is NOT Accepted?

We do not accept any painted, pressure treated, stained or chemically altered woods such as plywood's or luans, demolition materials, building lumber, landscaping timbers, railroad ties, or phone poles. All loads are viewed by our staff to make sure they are clean and free of any contaminants or trash. Trash of any kind such as bottles, cans, flower pots, paper, glass, etc., are never accepted. Loads containing trash will be refused.

Annual Disposal Passes

Balboni's offers two disposal passes for our landscapers every year. These passes are offered at reasonable rates as a way to help our "regulars" fix their disposal costs on their maintenance accounts. All rates are based on an average year and do not include disposal for hurricanes or "out-of-the-ordinary" storms. See sales associate for details and rates.